Attention Chefs and Restaurant Owners!!!
Do you want to be able to serve the finest ingredients?

There's nothing better than enjoying greens directly out of the garden. That's why the farm-to-table movement has been so successful. Almost everyone agrees, the flavor and expressive texture of truly fresh produce that was harvested only hours ago is unmatched!

Want to know what's even better than farm-to-table?


Need a sprig of basil? It's on the wall, or counter, or in a window sill enhancing the beauty of your restaurant while also adding to the flavor of your dishes. Your lettuce for the week will no longer take up valuable refrigerator space. Since our produce is delivered alive you pop it into our system in your restaurant and harvest what you need when you need it. 

Unlike never before... We can provide you with a living display IN YOUR RESTAURANT! That's right, we'll install a living display, we'll maintain the system, and we'll deliver fully grown, living produce to you as you need it. Our systems afford a plug-and-play type of approach. This allows you to have beautiful living displays of fresh produce and herbs in your restaurant at all times.

We can grow nearly any herb or leafy green in any quantity all year round. You can have plugs of various herbs and lettuces all over your restaurant or only in your kitchen. It's entirely up to you. One of our founders is an engineer who loves tackling problems and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. You tell us where you want to display your produce and we'll put together a system to meet your needs. 

Be a pioneer. Be an innovator. Join the local movement.
But you don't have to do it alone. We'll help you.
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