Our goal is to transform the way produce is grown and sold.

We believe in making fresh produce accessible to everyone by growing the highest quality vegetables and herbs indoors, year round, and selling to our retail partners or direct to consumers still living or within hours of harvest.

We are the first and only producer of aquaponic vegetables and herbs in the Quad Cities. Our produce is grown indoors in controlled environments - we like to call it smart farming. Our enclosed farms allow us to control all aspects of our crop cycles. Hungry Goat greens are raised in enclosed facilities, away from the bugs, diseases, pesticides, and weather that impact most produce today. Our growing technology and distribution methods reduce waste, energy use, travel time and costs tremendously.

Our smart growing tech is the perfect fusion of biology, chemistry, and technology. We are able to produce 3-4 times more produce than traditional farms while using significantly fewer resources! In addition, we don't use any pesticides or herbicides and use only 10% of the water a traditional farm uses. This model guarantees one of the most sustainable ways of farming that will meet the growing demand for access to fresh, healthy produce in any season.

Indoor farming isn’t new. Aquaponic farming isn't new. But our farming and delivery style is. Utilizing recent advances in lighting technology, software, and farming methods allows Hungry Goat  Farms produce to be grown more efficiently than  outdoor farms.

Seriously, fresh just got a whole lot fresher.


The Hungry Goat benefit:

Reduce Labor and Packaging Costs.

  • Labor cost of conventional produce: up to 80% total cost
  • Labor cost of Hungry Goat produce: approx. 15% 

Cut Spoilage.

  • 38-50% of traditional produce is lost to spoilage

  • < 10% of Hungry Goat produce is lost to spoilage

Minimize Shrink.

  • 33% of conventional produce “shrinks” on the shelf. This "shrink" also contributes to nutrient and taste loss.
  • Living produce loses nothing on the shelf

The Problem.

It’s not just conventional farm production that is unsustainable. Between 38 and 50% of harvested produce is lost to spoilage. Not to mention the various pesticides and herbicides used on your food plus the energy use required for refrigeration, transportation, etc.

Local Live Sales can reduce energy consumption by up to 


The Solution.

Local Live Sales drastically reduce traditional harvest waste. There’s no shrinkage. Almost no spoilage and local transportation costs are minimal.

Better yet, our produce is the freshest most nutritious available in the area and we utilize none of the harmful pesticides and herbicides seen in much of today's produce.

Because of all of this: 

Farmers win. Retailers win. Consumers win.